Democrats are the party of slavery.  They fought the civil war to keep blacks in chains...
Democrats are the party of the KKK, segregation and abortion of black babies.

18 million black babies have been killed by the democrat abortion machine !

Spread the words that the Democrats who have ruined our cities, made our lives hell, kept us on the Democrat plantation, will be voted out of power over all Americans once and for all

Democrat policies that are aborting 330,000 black babies a year.  900 black babies a day
We will protest because BLACK BABIES LIVES MATTER...


and now, we are going to stop their policies from killing our babies on the abortion table !

Black Babies Lives Matter

Start local organizations in your neighborhood
Where ever you live, no matter who you are, let the Democrats see that we resist them !

The whole country stands together and resists the Democrat baby killing machine.

the country stands united, because

Black Babies Lives Matter


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(Note that no person or no organization in this website is being accused of committing a crime. Only a court of law can determine that. All Americans are presumed innocent unless and until found guilty in a court of law.)

And we remember in our hearts:  ALL BABIES LIVES MATTER